What did you think of your YouTube Money Calculator ad revenue prediction?

If you’re looking to calculate your full earning potential on YouTube, there is good news.

That’s because ad revenue is just a fraction of the money you can make. Your real earning potential is likely to be much much high once you factor in brand partnerships, affiliate products, paid courses and additional sponsorship opportunities.

Why do people focus on YouTube Ad Revenue?

The biggest reason why most people make ad revenue into their primary focus is because it’s passive.

When you calculate your overall YouTube income, it might only represent a small fraction, but it’s the safest, most guaranteed income you can make. It doesn’t depend on winning clients or negotiating lucrative partnerships.

It just ticks over quietly in the background.

How did the YouTube Calculator estimate my ad revenue?

The estimated figures are based on a number of assumptions, which will vary according to your country.

The biggest variable in the YouTube money calculator is the CPM, which stands for cost per 1000 views.

In America, the average is just over $5.

In Denmark it’s much higher.

And in Japan it’s lower.

Take a look at the chart below which appeared on Medium. It shows the CPM breakdown for a wide selection of countries from last year (2020).

YouTube CPM calculation by country. The US is at $5.33.

How many YouTube views are needed to make a living?

This is an interesting question.

Again it depends on the living wage of the country you’re in. It’s also subjective – how much money do you calculate that you need every month to pay your expenses?

However, let’s go through a scenario using the US.

According to policyadvice.net the average American wage is $51,916.27.

American average wage in 2021.

How many daily YouTube views to get to the American living wage figure?

I used our YouTube money calculator above.

I set the CPM to 5.25 (it goes up in .25 steps).

I entered a few different round figures to try and get close to the number.

Look at the calculation below:

YouTube Money Calculator estimate from this website, based on the US CPM of just over $5 per day.

That daily figure of 27,000 views on my YouTube channel, with a CPM of $5.25, gave me the following figures:

Daily, monthly and yearly YouTube Money calculation based on 27,000 daily views and a CPM of $5.
YouTube Money calculator from this page

So there you go.

According to our estimates, you’d need to get 27,000 views per day to make the American average wage.

How difficult is that?

Well, it works out at just over 9.8 million hits a year.

However, break it down the other way.

If you have 54 videos on your channel then 27,000 amounts to just 500 per day, per video.

If you have 108, then each video needs to getting just 250 a day.

Impossible? Not at all.

YouTube Money Calculator: Conclusion

As a successful YouTube influencer, you’re the CEO of a business.

You need to treat it that way, with ad revenue making up just a small portion of your overall YouTube income.

How accurate was our YouTube calculator in terms of ad revenue?

How are you planning to scale your YouTube channel?

Good luck – let us know what’s worked for you.

YouTube Calculator FAQs

How much money do you make per 1000 view on YouTube?

The answer depends on your territory. In America, you’ll likely make between $4.50 and $5.50 for every 1000 views.

How many views on YouTube do I need to make $100?

At a CPM (cost per 1000 views) of around $5, you would need 20,000 views to make $100.

How much will YouTube pay you for 5000 views?

It depends which country you’re in. In the US, you can expect to earn a CPM (cost per 1000 views) of around $5. That means that 5000 views would earn you $25 from YouTube.

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