Most people believe the time to relax is in the evening.

After all, the working day has finished.

The kids are in bed.


There will always be something to do. Another meeting to attend, another email to send. If you do manage to clock off quickly, you’ll be tired and hungry, and before you know it, the evening will have disappeared without really switching off.

What’s the alternative?

Get up earlier.

Successful people know that it takes hard work to achieve what one wants in life, and as such often reject short term pleasures for longer term more sustainable gains.

Snoozing your alarm is a short term pleasure. Exercising before work is a long term gain.

Why does earlier mean more relaxation?

The reason you can relax earlier is because of other people.

The earlier you wake, the fewer people are awake with you.

Which means less demands on your time. Put simply, if you live hours that other people won’t, you’ll be able to be more productive, more focused and more relaxed during them.

While there’s some truth in saying that successful people get up early because they want to spend as much time as possible towards achieving their goals, it’s far from the whole story.

Successful people do get up early, but they don’t just work.

They exercise.

They meditate.

They read.

Why else are mornings more productive?

In the mornings there is a stillness that gets used up as the day goes by. There is less traffic, less noise, and less disruption.

But in individuals it’s the opposite. We tend to have ‘more’ in the mornings. More energy, more willpower, more patience, more strength.

Over the course of the day, all these things become depleted, which is why doing something first thing is the best, easiest time to do it.

How can yo switch up your morning routine?

The first thing you need to do is become more self aware.

  • Recognize what you’re currently doing.
  • Are you snoozing your alarm?
  • Are you eating a healthy breakfast?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Are you watching too much TV?
  • Do you spend too much time on social media?

Make some marginal morning gains

Next, try to be 5% better.

Just 5%.

That might mean adding fruit to your cereal. Spending a little less time on your phone. Switching the TV off a couple of minutes earlier.

Tiny, incremental changes make a huge difference, so notice what you’re doing, and then try to make some small gains. You’ll soon feel like you’re winning.

Get up early and attack the day – good luck!

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