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TikTok Username Generator (Free Ideas & How To Choose)

Welcome to our free TikTok Username Generator. We’re excited to help you start your incredible TikTok adventure! But before you get going with our free tool, keep in mind that you’re not just choosing a TikTok name – you’re about to start your brand.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, it might be smart to protect against someone else buying or claiming your domain or social handles. Once you have a name, check its availability:

  1. Domain (website) – check availability on Bluehost | Hostgator | GoDaddy | Hostinger
  2. Social platform – check availability on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Once you fall in love with a username, it makes sense to check it’s available across everything!

So, without further delay it’s time to be inspired with our free TikTok Username Generator:

Free TikTok Username Generator

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To help you out, I’ve put together a thorough TikTok username guide to help you make that important final decision.

How to choose the best TikTok username

In 2021, TikTok was the most downloaded app in every country.

That means more people are using this than ever before, and that should be taken into account when choosing your username. Put simply, standing out and getting on the For You page has never been more of a challenge.

Ultimately, there are plenty of things that will have an impact on your TikTok channel – from the time you post, to the name you choose, to the people you collaborate with, the trends you jump on, and (of course) the content you post.

Here’s how to get started with picking the perfect TikTok username.

How to show the TikTok world how unique you really are?

The first thing you should do is put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Imagine what your family and friends would like to see pop up on their screen? Is your brand funny or serious? Light-hearted or informative?

There’s a practical reason for this too. Having a name that’s easy to remember and find will mean that people can locate you at all times. Searchable usernames will help both friends and acquaintances easily locate their target.

Here are some great areas to start.

1. A TikTok username based on your business or niche

Look at the name of this site:


We chose that because when we surveyed people, they felt that it helped them know INSTANTLY that the site would be about starting and growing a business, being an entrepreneur, becoming a leader etc.

If you have a specific niche, then it might be a great place to start. For example:

  • Skateboarding – SkaterNick, KickflipJoe, OllieDave
  • Cooking – BakerTim, SizzlingSusie
  • Dancing – MovingMartin, HipsMarie, TapFillip

For example, if you were a TikTok artist, you could use some of the words and phrases in the image below.

TikTok artist word inspiration | Tiktok username generator
TikTok artist word inspiration

You get the idea!

Your niche is a great way to get the right people viewing your channel, and if you use words that are in their regular vocabulary, they’ll never forget you either!

2. TikTok username ideas using your own name

Would you like to go even more personal than your niche? If you would like a bit of your own name in your TikTok brand then you’ll feel even more connected to it.

Plus, TikTok is all about authenticity, so using your own name is a smart idea.

Finally, using an edited version of your own name means you can pivot your niche whenever you want. Bored of making your channel all about skateboarding? It doesn’t really matter, you can change it in a heartbeat.

Check out the top ten most followed TikTok channels listed in wikipedia:

Top 10 most followed TikTok accounts screenshot

As you can see, there is a pattern here.

ALL of these channels (aside from TikTok itself) are people who have made their own name into their brand.

What’s more, all of these channels use their name (or some portion of it) as their TikTok handle.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll also notice that these individuals have also expanded their brand by owning their domain and other social channels.

I would advise aligning everything as early as possible, especially if you go down the route of building on your own name!

Is privacy a factor for you?

The one drawback about using your real name is that it puts your identity at the front of your brand. That isn’t for everyone.

Many TikTok channels feature videos on a subject, while the owner never shows their own face.

While most people don’t have an issue with it, it’s definitely a point to consider before you put your name out there.

3. TikTok names based on sounds

Not everything needs practical logic behind it.

While having your name or niche in your handle makes sense, there is a different way.

Some of the world’s most famous, popular companies have chosen to go abstract, because then it allows them to attach new meaning to their brand, without a recognizable name holding it back.

The most famous example is Google:

Google image | an example of a random sound as a domain or username
Google is a nice-sounding, memorable word

It’s just a nice-sounding onomatopoeia word, that sticks in your mind because it looks good, and rolls off the tongue.

Can you think of any new ones that would be memorable?

4. TikTok username ideas with emotion

Does your channel evoke a certain feeling or emotion?

Perhaps all your TikTok videos are sad, happy, exciting, informative or surprising?

If you want a username that appeals to a feeling, try adding it into your name. It will change the personality of your entire channel in a way that an abstract name never could.

One technique plenty of people try is to pair an emotion with something abstract, giving their channel personality, and giving themselves a high chance of being able to grab the same domain name and other social platform names.

For example:

  • FunnyEmily
  • SadSloth
  • HappySoup
  • FootballAngry

One brilliant example of this in action is Oneya, otherwise known as @angryreactions on TikTok. He’s created a hilarious brand out of being ‘angry’ and has over 24 million followers.

Screenshot of TikTok profile | TikTok username ideas - using emotion in your username handle like @angryreactions
Angry reactions on TikTok

Ideas for good TikTok usernames

Usernames are entirely subjective.

However, what makes something good comes down to how memorable it is, and how well it represents you as a person.

For example, a random collection of digits that looks more like an encrypted password would be a bad TikTok username, whereas something that stayed in your mind using alliteration, or rhythm, would definitely fall into the good category.

One technique is to use words that have a ‘coolness’ attached to them. For example, mythical words can give your username an aspirational feel. Try using some of the below.

Cool username examples
Source: Followchain

What makes a rare TikTok username?

We mentioned earlier about how important it is to be unique.

A rare username will be something individual about you. If you use a niche-related word, it’ll never be as rare as a completely unique trait, interest or quirk you have.

If you want to go down the rare route, I would consider a combination of your name, with some kind of emotion. Not necessarily an obvious one like ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ but something a bit more abstract.

The example above with ‘angry reactions‘ was a perfect example. He’s taken a trait unique to him, and used it to build out a unique and rare brand.

TikTok username generator: building a brand

Is there anything else to consider when coming up with your TikTok username? It depends on your purpose.

If you’re looking to launch a TikTok channel primarily, then all the suggestions above are great paths to follow. However, if your business comes first and your TikTok channel is a way of promoting or advertising it, then you might consider going down the corporate brand route.

Corporate vs personal brand

Put simply, a corporate brand is easier to sell.

For example, if I was to sell this blog, it would be more attractive having a name like CEO Tutorial than my own name, David Michael.

Who would want to buy a business called David Michael if I’m not in it? It’s possible but not as lucrative to buyers.

If your TikTok IS your brand then using your own name is fine, but it’s part of a wider business, you might consider a more corporate name.

To build a brand, you might consider putting in two names that aren’t related to your actual name. This is also a question that people face when choosing a domain name – the debate between a corporate brand and a personal one.

How to change your TikTok Username

There’s a good chance that you’re here on this page because you want to change your TikTok username, not start from scratch.

  • Open the app.
  • Go to ‘Me’.
  • Tap on ‘Edit profile’.
  • Enter an updated username.

What if you can’t change your username?

In 95% of cases, this won’t be an issue. If you can’t change your TikTok username, it’s likely because:

  1. Someone has already taken it. Your name has to be totally unique.
  2. You can’t change it more than once in 30 days. See screenshot below.
Usernames For Dance Pages On Tiktok - tiktok dance 2020

Adding emojis to your username 😀

Adding emojis to your username can make it look a bit different and help you stand out.

  • Open the app
  • Go to the me tab
  • Tap ‘edit profile’
  • Tap ‘name’
  • Write your name + add an emoji

TikTok username generator: a conclusion

Coming up with your perfect TikTok username is something you’ll want to get right. It becomes your brand – it’s how people relate and think of you.

Before you get started, think about whether your name needs to be funny, or cute, or provocative, or business-related.

You should also make sure that once you’ve decided on your perfect TikTok name idea, you make sure you get the domain, and register it across social platforms to keep everything consistent.

Let us know how you get on with our generator – and good luck on your TikTok adventure!

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