Solo Entrepreneur handbook 2021

Powerful, practical advice on how to become a successful solo entrepreneur.

Format: 30 minute webinar training x 6, checklists x 6. Plus free templates on outreach, social media marketing guidelines and accounting.


  • Business modelling
  • Leadership mindset
  • ‘Lean’ principles
  • Accounting, management and retention
  • Pitching and relationships
  • Marketing and social media

Each session is accompanied with a toolkit of practical actions to help you excel in every area.

What’s in the Solo Entrepreneur Handbook?

  • Learn the leadership qualities to inspire people, along with exercises how to work out what ‘type’ of leader you are, and where you can make the biggest improvements.
  • How to pick a business model that’s right for you, depending on your startup capital, appetite for risk and other factors.
  • How to scale on a minimal budget by adopting ‘lean’ principles, and how systems and automation are essential to a start-up business.
  • Accounting, business management and retention, including how to surround yourself with the right team of people to build trust and help you thrive.
  • How to cold-pitch to businesses and write the perfect outreach email.
  • Marketing and social media insights. Where to spend your time, how much to spend, and when to cut a social channel loose to stop it taking up all your time.

What support will you get?

Our team are always available to answer any questions and queries over email. Bespoke one-to-one training is available at extra cost. The price will vary depending on what you choose.

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