2019 was the year of transparency.

The stats show that CEOs should be more transparent on social media as it builds trust between CEOs and followers, audiences and stakeholders.

CEOs can share their thoughts, opinions and experiences without fearing the backlash, because transparency is everything.

CEOs can also show the human side to leadership by highlighting problems within companies – such as those raised about Uber recently – rather than just focusing on successes and positive news only.

What the statistics say

BrandsGetReal: Social media & the evolution of transparency | Sprout Social
Source: Sprout Social

The key highlights

  • 37 % say CEOs with social profiles are seen as more human
  • 29 % say they are more honest
  • 28% say they are more trustworthy
  • 39% see them as more accessible
  • 39% also see them as more approachable

Why transparency is everything.

It is easy for CEOs to turn off mentions or comments which makes them appear distant and unrelatable.

Transparency helps CEOs build a public image of being relatable and approachable so that people would feel comfortable approaching CEOs in real life if they need help with something important.

Customers, clients, employees and others will see CEOs as humans like them rather than corporate robots or distant figures who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

What millennials think

Today’s millennials view transparency extremely favourably.

Over 70% believe CEOs are better representatives for their company when they have their own profiles.

71% believe they make a positive impression when posting transparently about personal interests.

BrandsGetReal: Social media & the evolution of transparency | Sprout Social
Source: Sprout Social

The social CEO: in conclusion

Today, people want more from CEOs.

CEOs are no longer just people you see on TV after a launch goes wrong or some other company scandal occurs. CEOs now have the power to reach our eyeballs directly, either through their social media accounts or at events they host themselves.

For good or for bad, transparency is everything.

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