As business organizations are shifting their business models to digital, CEOs should also use social media to engage with customers.

Social media has become the primary platform for companies to reach out to customers and potential clients, establish a reliable reputation in the market, among many other benefits.

According to the CEO of Lenovo, “Social Media can be used as an engaging gateway into potential customers that would eventually lead to sales.”

The following are three different types of business suited for social media:

  1. Businesses that provide services,
  2. Businesses that have bricks-and-mortar locations where customers visit regularly,
  3. Businesses whose employees interact regularly

How do the world’s biggest CEOs use social?

The infographic below is from MBA Central.

ceo social media

The platform that CEOs reject

Instagram might be one of the most popular channels in the world for the average person, but Fortune 500 CEOs couldn’t be less interested.

Just 2.6% of them are on Instagram, which is seen as the least business-like tool of the big four.

What do employees think?

8 out of 10 people would rather work for a social CEO.

The transparency, honesty and trust gained from direct interactions is enough to win most of us over.

This is backed up by 76% of executives.

Richard Branson understand the value, saying “Embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it’s a vital way to communicate”.

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