Large companies have teams of marketing professionals managing their corporate communications on social media.

But does that approach fail to capture the authenticity of a CEO connecting directly wih an audience?

The 2016 Domo report compiled the numbers from every Fortune 500 ® CEO, to see how active they were on the four major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

The key findings from the Social CEO report

40% of CEOs use social media. That means that an incredible 60% are completely absent from any social platform.

This is a tiny increase on last year, where 39% were found to be active.

Why is the change so slow?

Looking at the trajectory of social media in wider society, it’s somewhat surprising that the shift for CEOs has been so slow.

A partial explantion could be found in the sectors represented on the Fortune 500.

CEOs from companies in oil, gas, big pharma and banks are likely to have to absorb a lot of negativity on social platforms like twitter.

This could explain their reluctance to get more involved.

Other highlights from the CEO report

  • LinkedIn is typically first social channel that CEO join. This is echoed in previous reports.
  • Twitter seems to be more of a listening tool. Of the 36 CEOs on the platform, just 25 are active.
  • Just 2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Instagram!
  • Facebook was the biggest loser, with a year-on-year decline in usage. Since organic reach on the channel has collapsed, this may explain why most CEOs don’t consider it worth their time.

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