Surprising statistics from the latest social CEO report.

The report, produced by Domo, number-crunched the social profiles of every FORTUNE 500® CEO.

The headline statistic was that just 32% of CEOs are active on one of the four major platforms – the same number as last year.

Why are CEO resisting change?

One of the reasons is the collapse of Google Plus as a legitimate social network.

It aimed to break the top four monopoly and failed. As a platform that was seen to favour thought-leaders, it might explain why so few CEOs have been drawn into social media.

Another potential reason is control.

The rise of bots and trolls, has meant that people feel less in control of their sentiment online.

As the head, and often the face of businsesses, CEOs are right in the firing line for any social backlash aimed at their company. Given that some Fortune 500 companies – in sectors like oil & gas, big pharma, big finance and tobacco – are wildly unpopular with social media audiences, it might explain why they stay away.

The final barrier is age.

Younger CEOs are more active on social that older CEOs. And yet, most CEOs are older than the majority of their staff.

Other stand-out CEO statistics

Linkedin is king among CEOs. The corporate, professional reputation of the platform has won over CEOs that are interested in social media.

  • Where CEOs have just one social network, 74% are on LinkedIn.
  • 69% of CEOs Twitter are actively tweeting, the other 31% haven’t tweeted this year. This may suggest that with the CEO audience, Twitter is a better resource for absorbing news and information, than for sharing it.
The Social CEO
Source: Social CEO report by Domo

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