The 2013 Social CEO report is live.

The Domo-produced study analysed the social profile of every FORTUNE 500© CEO.

It searched for their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

The study aimed to uncover not only the raw numbers behind CEO social activity, but also the reason they used it.

America’s CEOs are becoming more active

32% of CEOs are active on at least one social profile.

This means that 68% of F500 CEOs have no social presence at all.

Just 32% of F500 ceos active on social media in 2013
Source: Social CEO report by Domo

Slow growth on Twitter

The average Twitter follower increase for CEOs is 70 every day.

However, if you include Warren Buffett, these statistics become slightly warped and rocket to 840 per day!

2013 Social Ceo Report - twitter overview

The three most popular networks are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, with Instagram a long, long way behind.

A clear trend for CEOs

The direction is clear.

More and more CEOs are taking advantage of direct social media communication to get their messages out.

However, putting more of themselves out there is uncomfortable territory for many modern CEOs. It might explain why many of them post so infrequently.

No longer is it possible to retain an air of secrecy, or privacy. Companies demand that their CEO is at the forefront of the brand.

The only question is, how far will it go?

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