“What is CEO life really like?”

That’s a question every CEO is asked every now and again.

But the reality might not be so tempting.

The statistics below give a clearer picture of CEO life.

How the CEOs of Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Spend Their Time
How CEOs spend their time. Source: Visual capitalist

How do CEOs feel about their company?

It sounds like a dream, but CEO life can be a lot of things.

It is typically consists of being the primary business decision maker in an organization, guiding its future plans and goals.

In turn, this often means big responsibilities when it comes to making decisions.

This is backed up by key statistics:

  • 47% say that their company expects them to be ‘on’ for too long
  • 36% say that their company doesn’t make getting enough sleep a priority
  • 25% of they time is spent on people and relationships

How does a typical CEO day look?

In order to succeed as CEO, individuals need to possess several skills that range from effective communication and leadership abilities and dedication to their work.

They also need to be skilled at financial management, including goal setting and budgeting.

However, CEOs don’t do all their work alone; aside from solo entrepreneurs, they usually rely on employees working under them for assistance with day-to-day operations of the company.

Most CEOs use set routines or habits to become as productive as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of how they spend their time:

  • 1% crisis management
  • 3% professional development
  • 4% acquisitions
  • 16% organization and culture
  • 21% strategy
  • 25% people and relationships
  • 25% functional and business unit reviews

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