Online CEO handbook 2021

Clear, concrete advice on how to start and scale your online business.

Format: 30 minute webinar training x 4, checklists x 4. Plus free templates on outreach and link building.


  • Choosing a business model – from dropshipping to blogging.
  • Getting set up on WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Cloudflare.
  • SEO basics, what you need to know and how to spend your first 20 hours
  • Relationship building and networking

Each session is accompanied with a toolkit of practical actions to help you excel in every area.

What’s in the Online CEO Handbook?

Becoming an online CEO is many people’s dream. No boss (except yourself), minimal startup capital required, and the dream of building a tech empire. This course includes:

  • Picking a niche, and picking a business model. You might love the idea of building a brand, in which case a dropshipping model could be suited for you. Or perhaps you’d rather be an Amazon seller, or a blogger, or run an Etsy store? Whatever your skillset, we’ll go through the pros and cons of every model, so you pick the. best one for you.
  • Setting up your business with the right apps, tools and analytics is crucial. We’ll guide you through the plugins you’ll need, and how to set up with scaling in mind.
  • SEO is a giant monster of a subject, which you’ll learn as time goes by. However, it’s also the golden ticket to online success, with the gift of free, online traffic if you get it right. In the basics, we’ll cover what you need to know when starting out, and crucially, where you should really be investing your time.
  • Online businesses have more in common with offline businesses than you think. Ultimately they are driven by relationships. We’ll show you how to leverage offline influence to scale online.

What technical support will you get?

Our team are always available to answer any questions and queries over email. One to one coaching is available, just get in touch directly.

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