In this piece, we’ll break down IBM’s latest CEO study, to see how CEOs really think.

CEOs are often seen as the head of a business, not only in the sense that they oversee everything within their company but also because of the automatic respect they are given by others.

But what’s really going on in their heads?

How does a CEO think?


What are the key statistics?

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the stand-out stats:

  • 84% of UK and Ireland CEOs are planning extensive global partnerships, far above the global average.
  • 84% also believe that a collaborative environment is the key to engaging employees.
  • 67% place communication as one of their standout traits in employees, while just 57% say an analytical mindset is more important.
  • 75% say the most important part of a business CEOs need to understand better is… customers.

The mindset of a CEO: see the bigger picture

While CEOs do share certain thought processes in common, one leadership quality that they all seem to share is to think quickly.

CEOs must know how to make quick decisions while thinking on their feet and having a wide knowledge base about all different topics.

CEOs should always stay updated on what is going on in the world, both economically and politically, and need to be articulate at forming responses to difficult questions.

The mindset of a CEO: conclusion

Ultimately, collaboration is at the heart of the CEO mindset, with 69% citing inspirational leadership as a key trait.

CEOs know that they can’t go it alone, so most of their thought processes are around setting important goals for themselves their companies, and hiring employees who can help achieve those goals.

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