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So, you’ve finally decided to get the “professional” Etsy name for your brand.

There are hundreds of Etsy stores out there, but only a few that really catch your eye.


In this article we’ll go through the entire naming process. If you’ve already clicked on some of the ideas above then feel free to skip – you’re good to go. But if you’re having trouble choosing between all the options, you might want to read on to see what separates the good Etsy Shop brands from the great.

Let’s go!

Why your Etsy Store name matters

If you’d rather name your store and get on with building it then great. However, there are at least two factors you should take into consideration before you charge full throttle into your latest venture.

1. You’ll have to live with it

An overlooked factor when people come up with brands is their own point of view. Before you start you should ask yourself what type of brand you’re building.

  • An Etsy store you can build and sell in a short space of time
  • A work of labour and love that you’ll likely keep forever

If it’s the second option, you absolutely need to pick a name that you won’t tire of. The cost of rebranding is high, both in terms of effort, and in terms of lost recognition. You can easily update your color palette, or logo, but your name is far more difficult. This will sit everywhere, from your invoices to your email.

It’s best to think evergreen from the word go.

2. Brand recognition

When naming your Etsy business, you want something easy to remember so people can identify with your company straight away. The recall factor is so important because if people are unable keep your name on the tip of their tongue, they certainly won’t pass it on.

For the best brand recognition, you’ll need a name that’s:

  • Phonetic – it sounds as you would write it with no silent letters
  • Short – so people can instantly recall it
  • Memorable – potentially using language techniques like alliteration and rhyme

However, naming your brand isn’t as simple as picking any word off the top of your head.

First impressions matter. In fact, it’s vitally important for us humans to make quick decisions based on first impressions, otherwise we’d never get anywhere. To make an instant first impression, you’ll need to keep your tone simple and keep your target audience in mind.

Ultimately, as an Etsy store, you’ll likely rely on word of mouth sales to help you build. For this, you’ll need to a name that gets in someone’s mind and stays there.

In the next section, I’ll go through how to do just that.

What to consider when naming your Etsy store

1. Research

The best place to start brainstorming your Etsy store names is by researching other people’s.

Taking inspiration from brands you love is the best and fastest way to get started. Spend a while browsing your direct competitors. That nicely brings us onto your second major consideration…

2. Niche

There are two factors to consider when thinking about your Etsy store niche.

Firstly, is it in an area that people will actually buy things? You don’t want something so specific that there is no market for it.

It’s best to research your niche for great examples, so you can be sure that there is an existing market for your product. For example, if you open up an Etsy store that specializes in handcrafted barbie dolls it would probably be hard to find people who are interested in purchasing them.

The second factor is, within your niche, what are the types of names that successful stores use?

If your niche was a flower shop, then you’d follow very different naming conventions than you would if it was a tech company.

Are there common words within your niche stores that pop up again and again.

3. Customer perception

The perception your customers have of your store is what will make or break it. Of course, this is about far more than just a name.

It’s how you talk to people, how your product looks or works, how your business is run. But your name is the public-facing shop face of your Etsy store, so this is where you’ll start.

To get this right, you need to know why people are buying your product.

To be more specific, why are they buying it over others in your niche?

Why does this matter?

Well, if they are buying you because of some ornate, authentic, hand-crafted quality, then they are unlikely to react very well if your Etsy store is suddenly branded like a major high street brand.

In niche areas like jewellery, you need to understand that authenticity is everything, and your Etsy brand needs to reflect this.

4. Uniqueness

Different doesn’t always mean better, but it’s crucially important you’re going to have a successful Etsy business.

To understand the power of unique, think of Starbucks—while they are everywhere on the West Coast, they are nowhere on the East Coast. How did Starbucks manage to brand themselves so well that people didn’t even know what they were missing? They created their own unique “coffee” culture full of frappuccinos and caramel macchiatos.

Etsy is a competitive online marketplace where every item has its own unique “story”.

Without this story, your brand will lose a lot of its charm, as well as it’s unique selling point (USP). If you browse through Etsy’s website, you’ll find one-of-a-kind clothes, dishes, paintings, knickknacks—even vehicles have their own Etsy page because they are each original works of art.

Your name is a big part of this unique brand story.

5. Trademarks

It goes without saying that one of the big parts of creating a unique brand is to make sure that it really is unique.

Trademark infringement can cause you a lot of trouble, time and money later on, so make this one of your key naming considerations.

Generating Etsy Shop name ideas: conclusion

Having the right branding strategy on Etsy is key to creating a strong, competitive business that is memorable and can be trusted by its consumers.

But first you must also create a name for your Etsy business that reflects what you are all about.

This means you should choose something short, memorable, appealing and unique.

And remember – nobody will have to see, say or write your Etsy store name more than you, so make sure you’re totally comfortable with whatever you go with.

Let us know how you got on with our Etsy store name generator – we’d love to hear your stories.

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