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37 Amazing Etsy Shop Ideas For 2022 (Number 7 is Epic)

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With nearly 2 million Etsy stores, it can be hard to decide which Etsy shop ideas are worth your time.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top 37 that will be successful in 2021.

Grab your coffee and get ready to be inspired.

Let’s get going!

What are the top 37 Etsy shop ideas?

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Why should you choose these Etsy shop ideas?

1. Wedding gifts & supplies

My Top Etsy Shops for Wedding Supplies • WishWishWish
Wedding accessories on Etsy, source: WishWishWish

Start your very own Etsy shop to sell wedding supplies.

Starting a wedding shop can be extremely rewarding; but it’s also hard work! Be prepared to put long hours into making sure everything runs smoothly and think about how you can give standard wedding products a unique twist – like printing invites on tea towels, like this company started doing.

Why: Put simply, wedding stores are one of the biggest industries in the world.

How: Learn how to make your wedding supplies here.

2. Etsy wall art

Abstract Woman Face Metal Wall Art Metal Wall Sculpture | Etsy
Etsy wall art made from metal, source: metalwallartt

There are countless shops on every high street specializing in wall art.

Starting an Etsy store selling your favourite paintings, drawings, prints or sketches is a cost-effective way to show the world your creativity.

Why: 2021 is the perfect time to sell art as millions of people have upgraded their homes to get more space, which means they’ve got plenty of empty walls to fill.

3. Creative Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories | Best Etsy Shop ideas 2021
Creative pet accessories on Etsy, like name tags

People love their pets, and will spend crazy amounts of money to keep them happy. The pet industry has never been hotter and there’s a market on Etsy for more creative and entertaining toys, beds, leads, food and clothing than ever.

Why: Pets is an evergreen topic and an area where people LOVE to spend money. Hot on the heels of the pandemic, there is more demand than ever.

4. Bath bombs

Bath Bombs | Etsy
A package of Bath bombs, a great Etsy Christmas idea

Selling bath bombs is a fast-growing and lucrative niche.

Maybe people are having more baths, or maybe it’s finally an area that’s getting some creative love. This is an influencer favourite.

Why: Etsy is often a visual experience, and what looks better than the effect of a stunning, exploding bath bomb? It’s a content dream.

How: View the bath bombs tutorial here.

5. Wine bottle lights

Wine Bottle Lamp | Etsy
Image source: Etsy wine lamp

Lighting is an area that has boomed post pandemic, since people have bigger houses to fill and decorate. If you’re looking to add some creativity on Etsy, then what better than recycled wine bottles as lamps?

Why: Recycled products are destined to do well as people strive for more sustainable homes. Plus they look beautiful.

How: Wine bottle lights tutorial

6. Baby Onsies

Baby Onsies on Etsy. Source: Scary Mommy

Everything baby related does well on Etsy.

Not only is it easy (and small) to package up and send, but also it’s an area which people love to document and photograph. We could have gone with baby hats, bibs, socks or practically anything else. However, Onesies have that creative twist.

Why: You’ll be looking for your Etsy products to spread through word of mouth, and doing anything baby related is destined to be photographed and shown to EVERYONE. Each sale could drive a dozen more!

7. Raised Hexagon Pond

I told you number 7 was a little… different.

However, selling unique outdoor water features is perfectly possible on Etsy, especially if it comes as a flat pack kit.

People have never been happier to spend on their gardens, and with plenty of people living in flats with balconies, a neat outdoor pond solution could arrive in the form of a unique flat pack.

Why: This is outdoor features for people both with and without gardens. A raised wooden pond kit is ideal for those with balconies, who want the tranquility of watching fish.

8. Personalized Jewellery

Custom Jewelry | Etsy
Personal jewellery: Etsy

Jewellery on Etsy is always a winner, especially around seasonal times like Christmas or Easter.

Simple gifts like earrings, bracelets and necklaces will sell all year round, especially if they have an extra unique quality or theme to them, such as personalization.

Why: Because jewellery is one of the most wanted gifts, at any time of the year. It’s perfect for birthdays and special occasions, and will ramp up at times like Christmas.

9. Wall decals

Large Monkey Wall Decals on Vines Jungle Animal Wall Decal | Etsy
Etsy shop idea wall decals

Ever wanted to have a room looking great in double quick time?

The wall decal is perfect for bedrooms, especially for young children. In just minutes you can transform a room from a cold, white space into something special with a dinosaur, or jungle theme.

Why: A creative wall decal is cheap and quick to print, and can be sold thousands of times to transform a nursery, bedroom, or playroom. The more unique, the better.

10. Plants

Gardening & Plants | Etsy UK
Sell small house plants on Etsy

Plants are actually a huge seller on Etsy.

Better still, they are surprisingly easy to do – you just need a few seeds to start. The key to selling plants on Etsy is the way you package them. Will they be hanging plants? Will they have personalized pots? Should they be for the indoors, or outdoors?

Why: Everyone loves plants. We all need a little green in our homes, and this is an Etsy idea that gives another meaning to the word ‘evergreen’.

How: See how to pot your plants here

11. Party supplies

Space party birthday celebrations: best etsy shop ideas
Space party Etsy inspiration

This is an area where you can really get creative with your Etsy shop.

Party supplies gives you all kinds of creative freedom to make your idea unique. You can go with themed parties, and start selling paper cups, plates and banners that fit the theme. Or you can go more generic and start selling printed balloons or wrapping paper.

Why: Every parent loves to make a fuss over their children, especially on their birthday! You’d be surprised at the money spent on these occasions, and you can also theme your goodies for certain parts of the year like:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Easter

12. Mugs

Best Etsy shop ideas: colourful mug
Creative mug on Etsy by BethLynnDesigns

There’s a surprising amount of scope with an Etsy shop that specialises in mugs. You can got with the mug design itself, or have fun phrases printed on it.

Why: Mugs sell to every type of person. They are especially popular around Christmas, where people need entertaining secret Santa ideas to make their colleagues laugh.

13. Vintage items

Best Etsy shop ideas: Vintage Birdcage Round Carved Bamboo Wooden Bird Cage Wood
A vintage bamboo bird cage, source: Etsy

Most people love a little vintage in their homes, and this category can be as wide as you like.

You might want to specialise in the ornate look of vintage birdcages, that double up as lights, or you may choose to go down the vintage furniture look, like rocking chairs.

Why: Vintage theme items are guaranteed to be popular all year round, with sellers from around the world. Vintage items that were designed as one thing, and repurposed as another are often very popular.

14. Children’s books

Personalised Books for Children, best Etsy shop ideas 2021
Personalized children’s book

It’s little wonder that children’s books remain so popular. Good ones are loved by adults as much as children. If you’re an aspiring author or illustrator, why not create your own?

Why: Come bedtime, every adult loves to have plenty of variety as to the stories we read. Let’s face it, we all have our favourites. This is something we buy again and again, so a successful Etsy shop could get plenty of repeat purchases.

15. Unique T-Shirts

Unique T Shirt design for an Etsy Shop
Creative T-shirt design on Etsy. Source: Etsy

Are you a designer? Do you have a flair for a clever headline or catchphrase?

Branded T-Shirts might be the way to go. If you can carve out a clever niche that will build your brand, then its a great Etsy shop idea which could grow quickly.

Why: The sheer volume of clothes we all need to wear means that there will always be a market for cool or interesting accessories. T-shirts have a low price point and high growth. Just think, everyone you sell to will be wearing an advert for your product!

16. Creative candles

Etsy Store Candle by candle junkies
Candles make a great Etsy product: Source Candle Junkies

Easy to package, plenty of room to customise, perfect to sell on Etsy.


One of the easiest ideas for an Etsy store, candles are the perfect product to make a splash online. They look nice, smell great and can be used in a variety of situations. What’s not to love?

Why: Candles have so many different purposes, there’s always a demand. From birthdays, to romantic dinners, to mood setters at home.

17. Wood palette custom signs

Wooden palette sign Etsy shop idea
Wooden sign, picture by SignsByLiz

Wood makes homes look… homely. Everyone loves a wooden feature, whether it’s a coffee table, vintage chair, or wood palette sign!

This idea takes it to another level, but taking that rough, worn wood and recycling it into beautiful signs.

Why: Because wooden signs make a home feel like home. Everyone loves the way that rough wood looks, and it’ll complement almost everything else in your home.

18. Cuddly toys

Three soft cuddly toys from etsy
A unique cuddly toy on Etsy goes a long way. Picture by Etsy

Every child loves cuddly toys.

They make the perfect Etsy shop idea because of how unique you can make them at home. People are tired of owning the same stuff, from the same big department stores. Cuddly toys can become special, so a little handcrafted creativity goes a long way.

Why: They make a great Etsy store because people live with them forever and want something a little more unique than the ones they can buy in the large stores.

19. Rustic coffee table

Handmade Rustic Coffee Table Sofa Table With Storage Made | Etsy
Rustic furniture: source SussexWoodFurniture

We all love a little rustic effect in our homes. This type of wooden, hand-crafted design can make your house feel warm and inviting, and it’s a little different from the duplicate furniture you’ll find from bigger stores.

Why: Furniture has a high price point, and you can certainly add a little more to the premium to your Etsy shop if it’s hand made. If handiwork is your thing, you may have stumbled across a lucrative market.

20. Gem stones, crystals and shells

Gemstone | Etsy
Sell gemstones on Etsy

People love things that makes their homes feel unique. Gemstones are sure to be a talking point, but so are other products, like crystals and shells. If you can think of a creative way of packaging them up, you could be on to a winner.

Why: So many of us love our homes to have a little natural vibe. Shells and crystals can grab our attention, and change the mood of a room.

21. Masks

Wooden Masks | Unique Etsy shop ideas
Wooden masks from Etsy can be excellent collectibles. Source Etsy

There are two types of market when it comes to masks on Etsy.

There’s the party market where you can sell masks like:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Frankinstein
  • Gollum
  • Witches
  • Celebrities

Then there’s the more upmarket masks, which are collectibles for people looking to mount them on the wall. These can represent the region they are from, and are often more bespoke, hand-carved items.

Why: The mask industry is a big one, and a flexible one. People will wear them on any occasions, from birthday parties to sports games. If you want to go more upmarket, source handmade wooden and metal masks from different places around the world.

22. Phone covers

Phone Case | Etsy
A variety of pastel Etsy phone covers

This is a pretty saturated market, but you can set your Etsy store apart if you make your products unique.

Phone covers are a big, big seller across the world, from the US to China. Everyone needs them, everyone usually buys at least one.

Why: Because phones aren’t going away! If you want an Etsy shop idea with a guaranteed market then phone covers is a good start.

23. Stickers

We’ve all loved stickers at one stage of our lives – maybe you still do!

However, stickers are a great Etsy shop idea, because they can be about anything. Some popular genres include:

  • Comics
  • Catchphrases
  • Cartoon characters
  • Vintage logos

Why: Stickers make a great Etsy store because they cost almost nothing to print and design. If you’re an up-and-coming illustrator or designer then they might be the best way of getting your work out there!

24. Olive oil

Cold pressed olive oil | Great Etsy shop ideas 2022
Olive oil makes a great Etsy shop idea

Stay with us – this one might seem a little random!

However, there is solid logic behind creating an Etsy store out of people’s favourite foods. Olive oil is an acquired taste, which means that should someone like your product they’ll come to you again and again. Just like cheese, wines and more, olive oil is a surprisingly big and underrated market.

Why: Because you can sell to the same people repeatedly. Plus, if you’re from a certain area, you might have a product that nobody else has.

25. Wooden toys

Wooden Toys | Etsy
Sell wooden toys on Etsy

We all used to have toys made of wood – and they are making a big, big comeback.

Today, people are much more sceptical about buying more and more plastic, so are looking for alternatives.

Why: It might seem like yesteryear, but wooden train-sets, blocks, characters are making a big comeback. As a sustainable solution, they are only going to get more popular.

26. Handmade bags

Handmade Bags | Etsy shop idea 2021
Handmade bags make a great Etsy shop idea

Who wants the same bag as everyone else?


Handmade bags can be cheap to produce and can sometimes rely on simple materials, like rope. Everyone needs bags of different shapes and sizes, so the market is a winner.

Why: Because they can be fun to make and fun to sell. Plus, anyone you do manage to sell to will be carrying your bag around for months, showing all their friends.

27. Lava lamps

Lava Lamp | Etsy shop idea
Lava lamps stand out on Etsy

The bright colours from Lava lamps can be truly stunning. A quick browse of Etsy should show you that this is market very much in demand.

One of the best things is that your sellers will do plenty of your marketing for you, with numerous pictures loaded up to Instagram to show off their purchase.

Why: With such a stunning visual product, this is a great Etsy shop idea because the marketing takes care of itself!

28. Bespoke neon signs

Neon Sign | Etsy shop ideas
Create neon signs to sell on Etsy

Neon signs are an attention-grabbing, eye-catching Etsy product – and what the marketplace is really all about. They are a perfect way to show your creativity, and you can tailor them for any message.

Why: The sheer variety of products can make this a great Etsy shop idea. You could do:

  • Welcome messages
  • Brand logos
  • Inspiring quotes

29. Trophies and medals

Sell medals and trophies on Etsy
Medals can be purchased in bulk on Etsy

Continuing our theme of shiny things, why not sell trophies and medals on your Etsy store. There is more demand than you probably ever thought, since every children’s sports day hands out prizes.

Sports teams are a great target audience, you can target anything from football and ice hockey, o basketball and athletics!

Why: Because people tend to make bulk purchases, which can make this quite a lucrative space. Nobody is going to buy one medal – more likely they’ll purchase 20 for the whole team.

30. Hats for all seasons

Hats | Etsy shop ideas
Sell hats on Etsy all year round

If you want an evergreen idea, you won’t get much better than hats.

Sun hats for summer. Wool hats for winter. Flat caps in Autumn. Top hats for formal times. Wedding hats for special occasions. Santa hats at Christmas.

Why: An Etsy store selling hats can turn over sales all year round. The key is to make them personal. You can do this with a logo, a design, or a name.

31. Baby mobiles

Baby Mobile - Best Etsy shop ideas 2021
Create your own Etsy mobiles

These can be fun to make, easy to ship, and there’s plenty of room for creativity.

Baby mobiles can be almost anything, from clouds and raindrops, to train sets and shapes.

Why: Because every doting parent is eager to make their nursery looking as beautiful as possible, before the baby is even born! Baby mobiles are the perfect finishing touch to any nursery.

32. Rolling pins with a twist

rolling pin with intricate mosaic tile design - best etsy ideas
Create individual rolling pins. Source: Buzzfeed

Most people would own a standard rolling pin.

However, what if you could emboss the wood with weird and wonderful shapes. It might be a niche idea, but that normally means there’s a market for it.

Why: Because everyday tasks made more creative usually go down a storm, especially with children!

32. Tea!

Etsy store idea: cloud-shaped tea bag in tea glass
Create individual rolling pins. Source: Buzzfeed

Brits are famous for loving tea (and coffee for that matter).

However, all over the world, tea is a big seller, in all kinds of flavours. Try setting up an Etsy shop that teaches your audiences something.

Why: This is a versatile, worldwide idea for an Etsy store. If you can add some value with packaging and teaching people about different flavours and histories, then you could grow very quickly.

33. Fake nails

different nails with black and white striped design - Etsy
Fake nails on Etsy Source: Buzzfeed

This is a massive area for growth.

Fake nails are perfect for all kinds of occasions, and they make such great instagram content that you could pick up a ton of sales through influencers.

Why: Gifts that you can wrap and pack easily make great Etsy ideas. Fake nails are as light and small as you can imagine, and you can make plenty of mark p on each sale.

34. Pet portraits

Denim jacket with a dog portrait: best seller ideas for Etsy
Pet portraits. Source: Buzzfeed

Earlier in the article we covered pet supplies, but what about a pet portrait.

This is strictly for humans to enjoy, but since people love their animals so much there’s a market for pet portraits for almost anything.

Why: You can put your pet portrait on practically anything. Don’t just stick to canvas when you can get it plastered across some denim for an extra unique twist!

35. Hanging lights

different installation with tons of bulbs, etsy
Hanging lights on Etsy. Source: Buzzfeed

Lighting can transform any home. Especially if it has a bit of a different vibe to it.

Hanging lights have been all the rage in the last few years, as people look to be more creative with their homes. Best of all, it’s easy to do, since you can make the lights out of almost anything.

Why: Because all that recyclable glass around your house can be the home to a gorgeous hanging light, which you’ll be able to sell for a mark up on Etsy, including:

  • Forgotten jam jars
  • Old wine bottles
  • Oversized bulbs
  • Sphere shaped vases

36. Aquariums

Minature LED aquarium | Etsy shop ideas
Etsy unique aquarium

Both homes and restaurants have a little extra character if they have an aquarium in the corner. You can assemble your own with coral, rocks and pebbles, and sell your creative aquariums on Etsy.

Why: weird and wonderful ideas always do well as an Etsy store, and there’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to putting together your own home made aquarium.

37. Photo frames

Vintage frames on Etsy
These Etsy photo frames have a vintage style.

One of the best ideas for an Etsy shop is photo frames that allow people to make the most of their best family pictures.

Get creative with the design and you’ll have people coming back for more.

Some frame examples include:

  • Shell frames
  • Pebble frames
  • Glass frames
  • Wood carved frames

Why: What better gift is there on Etsy than a framed photo of someone special. Photo frames sell off the shelves whenever a special event approaches, and if you can add a little uniqueness, you could make it in to a profitable Etsy store.

Bonus Etsy shop ideas: Digital downloads & Print on demand

Digital downloads can be across any sector, and can be practically anything.

From wall art to wedding invites, any digital download is a high-margin item that costs nothing to ship from your Etsy shop.

Print on demand requires a third party integration, but once again you won’t have to worry about buying and handling stock.

How: Here’s a detailed walkthrough on Etsy’s own website about how to sell digital products.

What are the most profitable Etsy shop ideas?

There you have it – 37 Etsy shop ideas to start your Etsy store in 2021.

If you’re looking for the most profit, you’ll want to pick those from evergreen industries, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Pets
  • Photo frames
  • Home decor
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics

All of these industries have strong sales all year round.

What are the most creative Etsy shop ideas?

If you’re looking to turn your craft bobby into a business, you’ll still want an area with high sales. However, you also want to choose a product where you can add a little of your own creative flair.

These include:

  • Candles
  • Ceramics
  • Plants
  • Foods
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Artworks

What Etsy shop ideas have the least competition?

Remember, less competition isn’t always a good thing as it usually means less demand. However, if you create something truly unique, you’ll automatically be getting rid of most competition as you’ll be one of a handful of people doing it.

The only way of having zero competition on Etsy is if NO-ONE else is doing what you do. If you find a niche for this, with a hugh demand then go for it!

Examples of low-competition Etsy shop ideas include:

  • Aquariums
  • Hexagonal ponds
  • Hand carved rolling pins
  • Bamboo bird cages

Best Etsy shop ideas 2021: a conclusion

Selling on Etsy is all about being unique, good marketing, and excellent customer service.

Since your products will end up in the real world, you’ll likely manage good word-of-mouth sales if you master all three.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Be unique
  • Come up with a memorable store name
  • Make your photos visually appealing
  • Respond promptly to questions
  • Use influencers to help market your items – especially the most visual ones.

I hope you learned something from this Etsy article and got inspired to start your own business – remember, we’re here to help small business owners to get started and scale at speed.

Let me know your favourite Etsy shop ideas in the comments below.