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Etsy Fees 2021: Real Cost Of Etsy Seller Fees Explained

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Etsy has given 3.14 million sellers a brilliant outlet for their handcrafted, creative ideas. But what is the real cost of selling on Etsy? I’ll break down the 6 main Etsy fees 2021.

(Note: Etsy seller fee number 6 is only charged in some countries.)

At the end, I’ll show you examples of the Etsy fees on three different products. Plus, you can work out your exact product-by-product breakdown with our free Etsy fees calculator.

Let’s get straight to it.

What are the Etsy seller fees 2021?

Etsy fees are how the platform makes its money.

Here are the main Etsy Seller fees for 2021 in a table:

Type of Etsy feeCost in US dollarsFee explanation
1. Listing fees$0.20 (per listing)The charge for adding your product to Etsy’s marketplace.
2.Transaction fee5% fee of each sale 
(product price + delivery price)
Etsy’s commission for each sale.
3.Auto Renew expiry fee / Auto renew sold fee.20 cents The fee to renew a product in your shop if it hasn’t sold within + the fee to automatically re-list a sold product where there is still some quantity.
4. Payment fee3% + 25 cents 
( each sale) 
This varies by country. Charged for using Etsy Payments
5. Multi quantity fee.20 cents
( per listing) 
The fee for additional products sold on the same listing. 
6. VAT fee20% of priceSometimes called the ‘hidden fee’ as it is only chargeable in some countries, for example: the UK.
Etsy seller fees 2021 in USD

What do the different Etsy seller fees 2021 actually mean?

In this section, I will break down the six different types of Etsy seller fees above, to give you a full understanding of what they all mean.

An Etsy listing fee is the amount you have to pay whenever you add a product to your shop. Remember, Etsy is a marketplace, and one of the ways the platform makes money is by charging sellers to publish their product.

Things to know: This fee is valid until the product is sold, or for 4 months. After that it has to be renewed.

What does an Etsy listing fee cost?

Here’s a screenshot from Etsy’s own platform.

The image shows the flat rate of a listing fee on Etsy, which is $0.20 per product | Etsy fees 2021
It costs $0.20 to list a product on Etsy

As you can see, it costs $0.20 to list each product.

In other words, if you were to list FIVE products, the platform would make $1.

The Auto Renew Fee sometimes catches people out because it can mean two different things:

  • Auto renew expired
  • Auto renew sold

1. What is auto renew expired?

The initial listing fee is $0.20 per item.

If your product sells within the first 4 months, you’ll never pay the auto-renew fee.

If it doesn’t, you can either renew it manually, or automatically.

The image below highlights the option to renew expired listings automatically:

Screenshot showing you can renew expired etsy listings automatically
Automatic renewal of Etsy listings

Here’s how you auto renew expired listings automatically:

How to renew etsy listings automatically
How to renew automatically

2. What is auto renew sold?

Auto renew sold is designed to save you the time of manually re-listing a sold product.

For example, if you upload a quantity of FIVE products, and one sells, your shop will still show the product as available, and the platform will have automatically added the $0.20 listing fee for the next product in line.

Here’s what Etsy says about auto renew sold:

Auto renew sold listings screenshot from Etsy
Auto renew sold listings

The new product will have the same address and details as the sold one, so anyone who was interested in it will still be able to find it.

Working out Etsy transaction fees is very simple.

In 2021, they are:

5% of your total sale price + 5% of your shipping cost

Here’s what Etsy’s website says:

Etsy transaction fee of 5% | Etsy seller fees
5% Etsy transaction fee

This is essentially Etsy’s commission on each sale.

It’s important to add that, unlike some of the other Etsy seller fees, you will ONLY pay this if the item sells. i.e. If a transaction takes place.

These are fees that are charged for handling the payment of a sale.

These vary from country to country. For example:

Etsy Payments fees differ in different countries
UK vs US Etsy Payments fee

Here’s what Etsy’s platform says about payment fees:

Key points from Etsy payment processing fees
Etsy processing fees

As you can see, I’ve highlighted the three most important points about Etsy payment fees:

  • They vary by country
  • Charged on transactions that use Etsy Payments
  • They are in addition to transaction fees

The simplest way to understand Etsy’s multi quantity listing fees is to get your head around the idea that EVERY product you sell will have a $0.20 listing fee attached to it.

It doesn’t matter if you sell the product on its own, or in a bulk order.

Here’s what Etsy says about multi-quantity listing fees:

Multi quantity listing fees on Etsy

VAT (Value added tax) may be payable in your country – for example the UK or the EU.

It might be called something else, depending where you are. For example, it’s called GST in Australia (Goods and services tax)

Here, it gets a little complicated.

Essentially VAT isn’t down to Etsy, but your own country’s laws.

For example, if you are in the UK, you will be required to pay the UK’s VAT rate of 20% on your Etsy fees. This is because Etsy is VAT registered in the UK.

Here’s an explanation on Etsy:

VAT on digital items on Etsy, screenshot from Etsy's website
VAT on Etsy

And here’s a VAT explanation on Squeakandshout:

UK VAT laws | Etsy is VAT registered
Etsy VAT in the UK

How much do Etsy Payment Fees vary by country in 2021?

On Etsy’s website it says:

Etsy payment fees by country
Etsy payment fees by country

Here is a table from Etsy’s own website that breaks down the different Etsy payment processing fees 2021, depending on the location of your bank account.

Location of Bank AccountFees for Etsy Payments (% of total sale price + flat fee per order)   
Australia (domestic orders)3% + 0.25 AUD
Australia (international orders)4% + 0.25 AUD
Austria4% + 0.30 EUR
Belgium4% + 0.30 EUR
Bulgaria4% + 0.30 EUR
Canada (domestic orders or orders from the US)      3% + 0.25 CAD
Canada (international orders)4% + 0.25 CAD
Croatia4% + 0.30 EUR
Cyprus4% + 0.30 EUR
Czech Republic4% + 0.30 EUR
Denmark4% + 2.50 DKK
Estonia4% + 0.30 EUR
Finland4% + 0.30 EUR
France4% + 0.30 EUR
Germany4% + 0.30 EUR
Greece4% + 0.30 EUR
Hong Kong4.4% + 2.00 HKD
Hungary4% + 0.30 EUR
Indonesia4.5% + 7000 IDR
Ireland4% + 0.30 EUR
Israel4.5% + 2 ILS
Italy4% + 0.30 EUR
Latvia4% + 0.30 EUR
Lithuania4% + 0.30 EUR
Luxembourg4% + 0.30 EUR
Malaysia4.5% + 2 MYR
Malta4% + 0.30 EUR
Mexico4.5% + 10 MXN
Morocco4.5% + 5 MAD
Netherlands4% + 0.30 EUR
New Zealand (domestic orders)3% + 0.30 NZD
New Zealand (international orders)4% + 0.30 NZD
Norway4% + 2.50 NOK
Philippines4.5% + 25 PHP
Poland4% + 0.30 EUR
Portugal4% + 0.30 EUR
Romania4% + 0.30 EUR
Singapore4.4% + 0.35 SGD
Slovakia4% + 0.30 EUR
Slovenia4% + 0.30 EUR
South Africa4.5% + 8 ZAR
Spain4% + 0.30 EUR
Sweden4% + 3.00 SEK
Switzerland4% + 0.50 CHF
Turkey6.5% + 3 TRY
United Kingdom4% + 0.20 GBP
United States3% + 0.25 USD
Vietnam4.5% + 11500 VND

Can they be avoided?

Fee avoidance is strictly prohibited on Etsy.

Etsy is a highly trusted platform, and has a number of rules in place around fee avoidance, including:

  • Encouraging buyers to purchase through another venue
  • Completing a transaction that started on Etsy off the platform
  • Altering the price after a sale
  • Misrepresenting the product’s location

Here’s a breakdown of what Etsy says about fee avoidance:

Etsy fee avoidance policy | Etsy seller fees
Etsy fee avoidance policy

Etsy Fees 2021: A real life example

In this spreadsheet example, there are three Etsy products.

  • T-shirt
  • Mug
  • Journal

For the sake of an example, the products are all shown with the US payment fee.

For each of the three products, all the fees are broken down:

As you may have noticed, the cheaper the product, the higher the Etsy fees are as a percentage of the sale.

Use our free calculator to work out your Etsy fees.

A conclusion

Etsy is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Before you get inspired and start your Etsy shop, it makes sense to fully understand the platform’s fees.

Once broken down, these may seem expensive, but are a reflection on how much Etsy helps you to make sales to their audience.

While it does take some understanding, the SIX types of fees are:

I hope you enjoyed that full explanation and found it useful. If you did, feel free to share and comment below!

Good luck on Etsy in 2022.