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Online CEO handbook

Picking a niche, and picking a business model. You might love the idea of building a brand, in which case a dropshipping model could be suited for you. Or perhaps you’d rather be an Amazon seller, or a blogger, or run an Etsy store? Whatever… Read More »Online CEO handbook

CEO Courses 2021

Learn the leadership qualities to inspire people, along with exercises how to work out what ‘type’ of leader you are, and where you can make the biggest improvements. How to pick a business model that’s right for you, depending on your startup capital, appetite for… Read More »CEO Courses 2021

The Lean Startup Review

Aimed at aspiring CEOs, the Lean philosophy is all about staying flexible and iterating quickly in order to achieve success as rapidly as possible. The majority of new businesses fail because customers aren’t interested in the product. The Lean Startup aims to help people realise… Read More »The Lean Startup Review