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Best Time To Post On TikTok 2022 To Get On For You Page

TikTok has changed how we consume music, film and even television. Its For You page (FYP) can send people viral in minutes. But timing is crucial, and I’m going to show you the best time to post on TikTok to get on the For You page.

David Michael, Co-Founder, CEO Tutorial

David is a former freelancer and co-founder of CEO Tutorial. For 10+ years he ran his freelance contracting business, and now he helps others navigate the industry.

You’ll discover:

  • The best times to post on TikTok to get on the For You Page.
  • How many posts you should publish a day.
  • Which dead times to avoid.
  • Five considerations that will help you improve the timing of your posts for your audience.

Best global TikTok posting times

Before we get into detail, here is a table of the global best times to post on TikTok, based on 100,000 videos.

2 AM5 AM
6 AM4 AM7 AM7 AM
9 AM8 AM9 AM11 AM8 AM
10 AM12 PM
1 PM
7 PM3 PM7 PM4 PM
10 PM8 PM
11 PM
Best time to post on TikTok (all times EST) Data from: Influencer marketing hub

This table shows the aggregated times across every niche, for every audience. However, during this article, you’ll learn how to find the best posting times for your EXACT audience.

What is the For You page on TikTok?

The “For You” page is where users can discover new content or filter their feed for specific things they’re interested in seeing more often.

This feature will show you anything from other people who have liked your video as well as suggested similar ones based on genres you’ve been browsing recently; there could be someone out there just waiting to watch whatever it was those kids were shooting during chemistry class today!

How does TikTok’s algorithm work?

The mystery of TikTok's algorithm
Nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes at TikTok

TikTok’s algorithm chooses which videos to post on the “For You” page, so it’s important that you’re engaging your audience.

For maximum effectiveness, and to improve your chances of going viral, you need to get as many shares and as much engagement as possible. This tells the algorithm that your content is great.

Is it important what time to post on TikTok?

Yes it is.

Timing is everything and focusing your posting strategy around times where people tend to watch – and interact with – videos can make all the difference in expanding reach. On the flip side, posting at the wrong times can expose your content to more people who are watching passively, without any interactivity at all. This limits your chances of expanding into new demographics and into new audiences.

If you keep reading I’ll break down when (and how often) a video will be shared with others based off engagement rates from their algorithm!

How many times should you post a day on TikTok?

It’s obvious that video content is a great way to keep your followers engaged.

Starting off with just one video per day will help you practice and perfect the tone of voice, but it also helps make sure that people are top-of mind when they want more information on something related or relevant later down the line!

Once you get comfortable, you might want to step up your schedule. This could mean posting anywhere from 1-3 times each throughout any given week – as long as there’s new material being shared daily. This means more opportunities both old/current fans alike have an opportunity engage in conversation on your channel through a wider variety of content.

This also gives you flexibility to try different posting times, so you can see what works best with your audience. Don’t worry, in the next sections I’ll cover a breakdown of these best times according to the data.

What happens if you post too often on TikTok?

TikTok may be a good way to generate traffic and ‘eyeballs’ for your business, but it’s important not post too many videos in a row.

You don’t want people getting rid of what they’re watching because there are new ones coming out every day and getting bored of your content.

You want people to be looking forward to watching your videos, and there is definitely a risk that you could give them too much of a good thing. If your content is constant then you’ll lose the anticipation factor, and run the risk of your videos fading into the background.

The best time to post on TikTok varies by day

TikTok is a different beast.

It’s not like Facebook or Instagram, where you can scroll through without really caring what’s going on in the feed.

You have too pay close attention to your users if your goal with this app is for people who follow you back.

For this, you need to be able to cater for the lives of your users. It helps if they all come from the same demographic, since their lifestyles will mirror each others, allowing you to cater for significant numbers at once.

You need to make some predictions and assumptions about your audience avialability timescales.

Certain peak hour periods will yield more followers than other less popular time slots do -sometimes even day of week can vary drastically depending upon one person ‘s preferred method for engaging with others via social media.

Chart of best times to post

There have been plenty of studies done on engagement rates.

Here are the times that perform best, based on overall statistics. All these times are (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time:

Best Times to Post on TikTok | Table listing the best times
  • Monday: 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 10 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 2 a.m., 4 a.m., 7am, 9 a.m.
  • Wednesday: 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 11 p.m.
  • Thursday: 9 a.m., 10 a.m, 12 p.m., 7 p.m.
  • Friday: 5 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 4 p.m.

The three most popular times are linked above:

  • 7am Tuesday
  • 10am Thursday
  • 5am Friday

Are there any general rules about TikTok posting times?

The best time to post obviously isn’t an exact science. Restricting yourself to individual hour slots might not appeal to your audience. Ultimately, you’ll have to work out the best times for your users, based on trial and error.

However, there are certain rules that you can apply that will help you out.

According to a major Hootsuite study, the best times to post early in the week are in the morning.

  • From Monday to Wednesday, early morning content outperforms afternoon content.
  • Later in the week, this switches to the afternoon. From Thursday to Sunday, you’ll get more engagement if you post in afternoons, and later in the day.

What does a TikTok post planner look like?

As discussed, 1-3 times a day is a great posting frequency.

Here’s a TikTok post planner, with the best times pencilled in:

This Is The Best Time To Post On TikTok post planner
TikTok post planner

Are weekends a good time to post on TikTok?

The average person spends their Saturday doing more than just watching TikTok videos.

In fact, most of us have other things we’d prefer to be doing on a day off from work or school such as spending time with family and friends!

If you want the best chance at success when using social media for business purposes then don’t post anything related directly from your company account during these hours.


What’s true generally, won’t be true for everybody. Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘a perfect time to post’, only ‘your perfect time to post’.

While weekends don’t perform as a well generally, if you were a garden furniture business, or a sports related channel, you might find weekends far outperforming any other time.

The best thing to do is find the best time for your users.

Finding the best time to post for your audience

Your secret weapon here is your own TikTok analytics.

The Video Views section provides access into varying viewing habits across various demographics so you have more data points to analyze who is watching each specific video – including when someone may watch.

This info can help you strategize future posting plans based off engagement rates versus volume alone.

The key here is working out who you want to appeal to most. It might be that your younger users share and engage with your content far more than your older users. In which case you’ll need to post at the right time to appeal to them.

Your own TikTok analytics is the place to start, and here are FIVE things you might want to consider about your users:

1. Work out where they live

Sounds obvious, but timezones are crucial. You might be posting at 6pm in New York, but if 70% of your users are in London, then you’ll be posting at 11pm, which is just when they are heading to bed.

In that case, it would be no surprise if your engagement was low.

If you have three core audiences – for example in the US, UK and Australia, then you might consider posting our three videos each day, one in the perfect time slot for each audience’s timezone. If the Australia one outperforms the other two, that might be the way to go.

It’s trial and error, so you’ll need to experiment.

To check audience location, you’ll need a TikTok pro account:

  1. Click the profile tab
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots
  3. Go to manage account
  4. Switch to pro account
  5. Follow the next steps

2. Follow your competitors

This advice is true for every niche, on practically every subject.

Why do all the hard work when your competitors have likely done most of it for you?

Follow lots of channels from established competition and write down the times they post in a diary for at least two weeks. You can keep tabs on several at once.

Then look for trends.

  • Do your competitors have any similarities?
  • Do they all post more on one particular day of the week?
  • Are their audiences likely based in the same locations as yours?

3. Do the opposite to normal

Sometimes, to gain real insight, you need to switch things up completely.

If you normally post at 9am, and start posting at 10am, that’s unlikely to tell you much. These small differentials can be down to a lot of different factors, and the insights will be fairly random.

However, if you normally post at 9am, and started posting at 9pm – that would be a big difference. Your engagement might drop off a cliff, in which case you’d have reaffirmed that 9am is a useful posting time, or you might get a bump and stumble across a goldmine of a time.

To find the best time to post on TikTok, it’s always useful to test the extremes.

4. Follow best practices from other platforms

TikTok is unique.

It’s much more personal and authentic than other social platforms. However, you can still learn off them.

If you’re flying on Instagram, and you have your posting times nailed down – try them on TikTok.

The chances are you’re appealing to the same audience, and they might have their apps open at similar times. At least you’ll know that you’re hitting awake times, and priming it for their location.

Bonus: Here are the best Instagram posting times, which you can apply to TikTok.

Best Time To Post On Instagram [Updated for 2021]
Global Instagram posting times – could they work on TikTok?

5. Don’t be scared to adjust your strategy

No social media strategy is fixed forever.

These platforms are constantly evolving, and what worked 6 months ago may bot work any more.

That’s why the process is constantly changing. You also need to take any changes in your stride.

For example, – you may have seen your performance on TikTok dip recently. Don’t worry, it’s just the platform evolving!

As new features are added and more people join, so too does TikTok’s algorithm change. It’s likely that you’ll have to keep revisiting the best posting times if needed.

Top tip: Keep up to speed with TikTok analytics:

Your analytics dashboard will look something like the image below. It will help you understand more about who you’re targeting, so you can post with confidence.

Best time to post on TikTok | Screenshot of TikTok analytics | Use TikTok analytics to adjust your strategy
TikTok analytics is a vital tool

How does best time to post on TikTok get you on the For You Page?

TikTok is famous for delivering users a wide variety of personalized material.

The For You page can be filled with videos from accounts big or small – which is great.

However, all the material on the FYP shares one thing in common – these videos are no older than two days!

That means that your For You Page visibility is hugely impacted by your posting times.

Better posting times for your audience will lead to higher watch completion rates, more engagement, and ultimately more users seeing your content. So to get best results you’ll want post when your audience is most likely scrolling through their feed.

The key factors will be:

  • Understanding where they live (time zones are crucial).
  • When they will be more likely to engage.
  • Avoiding dark zones like weekends when they won’t be online.
  • Trialing different times.
  • Using TikTok analytics.
  • Learning from your competitors.
  • Taking what works off other platforms (like Instagram).
  • Continuing to learn and evolve all the time – just like TikTok’s algorithm.

I hope you found this article helpful.

If you’re just getting started, use our TikTok username generator to get inspired!