About us

CEO Tutorial is a management consultancy focused on helping entrepreneurs start, lead and grow their own online businesses. We focus on the principles of online success – mindset, skillset and data-based insights to help spark growth.

CEO Tutorial was founded by David Michael. David began his career back in 2003 as an advertising copywriter in London. After focusing on above-the-line and outdoor ad executions, David moved into the digital space in 2010, and co-founded Australian start-up, Fourteen, which was later acquired by Tug. David became a freelance consultant, working with brands such as Jeep, BA, Caltex and Hyundai.

While working as part of freelance and contracting teams, David noticed an opportunity to help small business owners transition from a freelance mindset, to a business one. That became the basis of CEO Tutorial – to help talented entrepreneurs think differently about their work, and shift from a ‘job’ mindset to that of a CEO.

“So many freelancers call themselves agency owners. They have the ambition to scale, but they never think strategically about how to remove themselves from the everyday churn – writing, pitching, doing – to a leadership role of scaling their business by automating tasks and creating a ‘process’ driven model that will allow them to remove themselves from the day to day and focus on strategic growth”.

David was joined on his journey by one of his former clients John Darvill, owner of FPGA Tutorial. John successfully scaled his online business through a focus on technical excellence. His approach is the same as millions of successful online entrepreneurs, who have chosen a different path to the traditional model of network building, outreach, speaking and pitching, to focus on more passive ways of building online authority.

CEO tutorial is a combination of the two: hands-on business advice, along with a focus on passive ways to build traffic and authority. CEO Tutorial is aimed at businesses from every sector, of every size. The proven methods of building online are solid and repeatable, the scale of a business simply affects how ‘much’ of it you can do.

Whether you’re a one-person organization briefing up-workers to help you grow, or a CEO of a larger team, the principles of leadership still remain the same – you’ll require vision, clarity, humility, knowledge and a true understanding of how to work productively to maximize your own skillset.

A focus on leadership

Leadership doesn’t have to be all-singing, all-dancing rallying calls. Even from the start, you can exhibit quiet leadership through a laser focus on your objectives – understanding how to best use your time and when, and how, to brief others to help you along the way. The message is always the same: don’t treat your small business like a freelancer, treat it like a business from day one.


To grow your online business you need to show leadership and apply the right mindset from day one.


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